Vendor Partnership Program

TechHUB Institute is looking for local and regional organizations to train employees to obtain IT certificates.
The employer will provide our partner initiative curriculum training in technology, logistics, operations, and finance to educate future employees with technical and non-technical IT certificates to retain talent and add additional talent to grow their organization from our tech school at Tech HUB Institute LLC based in Shreveport, LA at The Office Hub Headquarters.

Tech HUB Institute
Tech HUB Institute LLC is a new technology eLearning Platform dedicated to assist individuals to understand and learn more about technology. The goal is to educate and bring about the sense of urgency in the tech industry today. There are over 1 million+ tech jobs available in the U.S today. We look to broaden their career paths with certificates for Data Analytics and Software Development. Tech HUB Institute looks to bridge the gap in diversity and economically in Shreveport, LA. Our eLearning Platform will be virtually/onsite for students that need hands-on instructors to expand their learning capabilities across the board We welcome non-technical and technical individuals that are looking to grow and expand their technology career.

Hours of operation: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (5pm-9pm) and every other Saturday (10am-2pm)

Mission - Our designated purpose is to birth a new technology iLearning Platform in the city of Shreveport, LA and leverage diverse residents to advance their career within technology.

Vision - Tech Hub Institute is looking to revolutionize and revitalize Shreveport's technology base and increase our resident's quality of life with a new profound career path for a promising future!

Tech HUB Institute, LLC
331 Milam St. Ste 200
Shreveport, LA 71101
Downtown Shreveport, LA